Public sector/businesses

How it works: Public sector/businesses

In addition to the services which Groente & Meer offers to parents, Groente & Meer also offers a number of services for the public sector or businesses. Groente & Meer develops tailor-made concepts in collaboration with businesses and/or public institutions, such as schools, municipalities, government and organizations. Do you share the same mission? Perhaps we can then work together to teach as many children as possible a healthy diet.



Groente & Meer has developed a teaching package for primary schools. The package consists of four 'mini lectures'. Here, students are given an interactive explanation of how taste developments and food preferences come about in children. At the end of the four mini lectures, the students receive a certificate.

Would you like to teach your class or at your school more about taste development and food preferences? Then contact us.

Collaboration groente & meer
collaboration groente & meer

Co-operation Di-eetgezond

'Happy Meals' is created in collaboration with the dietician practice Di-eet Health. The goal of Happy Meals is to provide information and tips & tricks about healthy nutrition and eating behaviour. We will go through your child's eating pattern together on the basis of three short homemade videos.

Groente & Meer is open to all kinds of new projects and developments together with the public sector and / or companies! Please contact us if you are interested.


Groente & Meer has developed a Webinar explaining the taste development in children. This idea was born during the collaboration with the 'Baby Groente Tas'. The purpose of the Webinar is to inform more people about the expertise and the VIPP method of Groente & Meer. After the Webinar, parents will have more insight into the why, what and how of eating vegetables and learning a healthy diet.

Collaboration groente & meer
Eating tomatoes children


The '4 Tomatoes' package that is offered to partens is also suitable for the public sector and/or businesses, for example used in preventive health programs or as voucher for employees (sustainable employability).

The '4 Tomatoes' package can also be used for (scientific) research.