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Consultancy Groente & Meer: Healthy eating advice for parents and children

Groente & Meer would like you to teach/learn your child a healthy diet through the certified VIPP-method. In addition, Groente & Meer has a lot of expertise in the field of nutrition, health, psychology and pedagogy.

It is best to start offering different flavours at a young age, after all, learned young is done old. Research shows that the first years determine and predict the taste and preferences later in life. We know how difficult it is to change behaviour, so better to start at a young age.

The option to work online was already available, but now with the current COVID-19 situation this has become even more appropriate. The video discussions and consultations can take place through MS Teams/ Zoom / Skype / Facetime. For some customers who lived at a considerable distance from Wageningen, I already worked that way.

How can we help?

Groente & Meer is available for parents, private customers and also for the public sector, schools and companies. Groente & Meer advises parents with children aged 0-12 years.

Groente & Meer guides parents who start with their child’s first solid food (weaning) and/or parents who have problems, feel insecure or have questions about their child’s eating behaviour or eating habits. Groente & Meer works according a certified method and develops tailor-made concepts.

Groente & Meer’s mission is to teach/learn as many children as possible a healthy diet from an early age.

How it works

Provides assistance to parents

You are worried, don’t want to struggle but you think your child should eat better. Or you think your child is not consuming enough vegetables. How are you able to change this?
Groente & Meer also offers coaching when your baby switches from milk to solid foods (weaning). For more information check 'parents'.

Public sector/businesses

Groente & Meer is open to work with other sectors who share the same mission. For more information check 'public sector/businesses'. 

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