What is the method?

Groente & Meer uses a certified method: VIPP. This method is developed by the University of Leiden and Wageningen Univeristy and stands for Video Intervention on Positive Parenting (feeding intervention). In essence, it is all about: reviewing film recordings and positive guidance.

Below are the different development phases of the children in the program. After these phases you know how to proceed. You have learned to deal with different situations while eating. You know which approach works best for your child. A foundation has been laid for the further development of healthy eating behaviour, including the associated preferences and tastes.

4-6 months: The first bites

Your child has only known milk so far, but is now going to try his first solid foods. How does he respond, and what are the specific eating cues that your child is showing you? What do signals such as keeping your mouth closed, turning your face away or waving your hands mean and how do you, as a parent, deal with this?

First bites child
First bites child

4-6 months: Discover and get used to

Your child has been trying to eat solid foods for 1 or 2 weeks now. How does he react? Is he receiving enough healthy nutrients? What can you give him and in what form? There is a lot going on and most parents have many questions in this phase. We will discuss how varied your child can eat and will look at eating habits and rules that can ensure that your child knows what he can be expecting, such as putting on a bib, sitting upright in the chair or talking to your child.

7-8 months: Puree or pieces

Your child is now used to different foods and flavours. You are now slowly starting with “real” food, so more structure/texture in the food and more variety in shape and texture. Why is this so important? And what does your child tell you if he refuses or just wants to get pureed food? What is the best thing you can do?

Groente & Meer parents
First bites baby

12-13 months: Eating what is served

Your child now eats what’s served and is becoming increasingly independent. But what if your child does not want to cooperate and is recalcitrant? How do you deal with such behaviour? We will take a look at how you can positively stimulate the eating behaviour of your child with the help of sensitive parenting. You learn to look at the signals of your child and you get tips on how to respond to them as a parent.

16-18 months: Everything doing yourself

Your child really becomes its own personality with its own wishes. Maybe your child didn’t have any problems with eating before, but that has suddenly changed. What your child used to like, he no longer prefers or he suddenly eats less. How do you best deal with this change? And what’s normal? As a parent, how can you anticipate situations or recognize them earlier so you can intervene in time, in a calm, positive way? You will receive various tips and tools to deal with any difficult behaviour at the table.

Healthy child

What is VIPP?

The film recordings give a look at the eating moments in a family. The recording is discussed and together we will look for the best solution for a specific question or situation. The entire VIPP method consists of 5 sessions and is intended for young children. Each time we look at a different phase in your child’s development. But of course you don’t have to go through all the sessions if you don’t have to. You can trust me on having sufficient professional experience and a scientific background to approach and assess your situation from different perspectives. As a mother I know how important it is when your child eats well. But also how important it is to follow your own path as a family. My method offers room for individual preferences and parenting styles. We focus on what are already the strong points and continue to work on them together.

That’s also why I notice this method is very effective, we work together towards an ideal outcome that suits your individual family situation, with your own eating habits and parenting style.

After going through one or more VIPP session, you will be able to cope with different eating conditions and know which approach works best for you and your child. You have set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy and delicious food, with all the associated preferences and tastes.

You can submit a recording yourself, you will receive instructions from me. We will look at the film recordings together later. After the consultation, the film recordings will be destroyed (GDPR).