Groente & Meer offers various services, each tailored to your needs as a parent. These services use the VIPP method, which is based on scientific research. This method focuses on watching and analyzing a video of a mealtime with your child. This video is only used and viewed by Groente & Meer. After completion, the video is deleted.

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Coaching Session (€75 per session)

Are you worried about your child's weight or nutrition? Could you use some professional help? In this phone consult, you can express all your uncertainties and questions, and Groente & Meer provides personalized advice and guidance so you can move forward. We not only look at the food itself but also at your child's eating behavior and the interaction between the child and the parent.


"What to do next?" (€195 per session)

Do you need more in-depth advice? Is your child a picky eater? Is there always a struggle at the table? Or does your child eat nothing at all or only certain parts of the meal? Don't worry and choose this comprehensive advice. For this service, you send a video of a typical mealtime at home. Groente & Meer views and analyzes the video using the certified VIPP method. During a consult (in person or online), we will watch the recording together, focusing on your child's signals. What do they mean, and how can you deal with them? After our conversation, you will have more insight into your child's communication, your own behavior, what you can change, and what you should continue doing.

"From the start" (€275 per session)

For young babies, everything is new; not only the taste but also the texture and the smell, for example. They do not know what is happening! Logically, it takes a while for him to get used to other tastes. Do you want to teach your child a healthy eating pattern from an early age? Then choose for this comprehensive package. It's simply easier to instil good eating habits from a young age. In four sessions, the different meal times of your child are extensively discussed. This is from when your child is 4-6 months old to 1.5 years old. Groente & Meer views and analyzes these videos according to the certified VIPP method and discusses them with you during a consult. This way, you receive personalized advice during different developmental phases of your baby.

“Onze dochter van twee weigerde al het eten. Victoire zag direct waar de bottleneck zat. Met behulp van een paar video opnames en nabesprekingen werd dat duidelijke voor ons. Zij gaf on het vertrouwen weer terug.”  Moeder van dochter (2 jaar) - 2019


Lucinda, mother of son (2 yrs) – October 2023

“After receiving advice from Victoire, we know what we can work on and feel less insecure about our 2-year-old son’s dinner. With Victoire’s guidance, we’ve been able to take steps toward offering food in the right way, and we received confirmation of what we were already doing well. Valuable advice that we can use.”

Sandra, mother of son – July 2023

“Victoire helped us tremendously in a single session with valuable tips & tricks for the transition from breastfeeding to solid foods!”  

Nadieh and Edwin, parents of son Senna – 2022

“Victoire has helped us with making mealtime enjoyable and encouraging our two children to eat vegetables.”  

Korrie and Roel, parents of Philou (1.5 yrs) – 2019

“Thanks to Victoire’s positive approach, we have gained more confidence, and we are proud of our little girl who now eagerly eats with us.”  

Nathalja, mother of son Dex (1.5 yrs) – 2019

“We visited Victoire to seek advice regarding increasing calorie intake for our underweight one-year-old son. Our son is starting to gain weight well, and we are continuing to follow Victoire’s advice.”  

Mother of son (2.5 yrs) – 2019

“Based on the recorded videos, Victoire provided us with several very useful and welcome tips online. Naturally, we have put these tips into practice, and little by little, there has been progress in his eating behaviour.”

Mother of daughter (2 yrs) – 2019

“Our two-year-old daughter refused all food. Victoire immediately identified the bottleneck. She restored our confidence.”  

Cindy, mother of daughter Iris (2.5 yrs) – 2019

“It was very informative to watch the recording of a mealtime together. Victoire provided very positive feedback and gave insightful guidance on how to manage my daughter’s eating behaviour.”  

Anne, mother of daughter Evi (1 yrs) – 2018/2019

“Our daughter is now 1 year old and is willing to taste everything, enjoys many vegetables, and happily eats all meals with us. Thanks to Victoire, we have achieved this in a relaxed manner, without stress and fuss at the table.”  

Anne, mother of daughter Puck (2 yrs) – 2018/2019

“Victoire has a very pleasant way of providing feedback. She clearly acknowledges what you are already doing well and offers tips on how to improve any areas that may need attention. She has a good sense of what you and your child need.”