Public sector/companies

Public sector/companies

Groente & Meer develops customized concepts in collaboration with companies or public institutions such as schools, municipalities, and government. Do you share the same mission? Maybe we can work together to teach healthy eating habits to as many children as possible.

Webinars (€325), Workshops (Price upon request)

Groente & Meer provides tailored Webinars and workshops for professionals, adults, and children. In an interactive session of about 1 hour, we answer your questions and provide you with concrete and achievable tips and tools for healthy eating behavior. We can focus on a specific target group or keep it broad, depending on your preferences. For example, Groente & Meer has developed various Webinars on children's eating behavior. After a Webinar, participants have a better understanding of the why, what, and how of eating vegetables and learning a healthy eating pattern.

Examples of places where Webinars and workshops have been conducted:

warme lunches

Monitoring Warm Lunches

In 2020/2021, we started to monitor a pilot project involving the distribution of a healthy, sustainable warm lunch meal at a primary school commissioned by the municipality of Wageningen. This pilot was so successful that we now offer a warm lunch at this school weekly. Do you have any questions or interest in this? Please contact us; we have built a unique professional experience in this area.

Teaching Package (Price upon request)

Groente & Meer has developed a teaching package for primary schools. For example, in these interactive sessions, students are explained how taste development and food preferences are formed in children, and they also get hands-on experience. At the end of the lessons, the students receive a certificate. Would you like to teach your class or school children more about nutrition? Or do you want a customized teaching package? Then please contact us.


Consultancy, Knowledge Partner

Groente & Meer offers companies and organizations expert advice in their field. This includes writing blogs, conducting workshops, courses, lectures, or researching specific topics related to nutrition, health, and behavior. We are eager to engage with companies and organizations sharing the same mission and design customized concepts. Examples of clients include:

  • Municipality of Wageningen, Rotterdam and Nijmegen
  • Spurd (JOGG)
  • Childcare Organizations
  • Rijk Zwaan
  • No Fairytales
  • Wageningen University

The 'From the Start' package offered to parents is also highly suitable for the public sector and/or companies and can be used for (scientific) research purposes. At this moment the method used by Groente & Meer is currently being tested in a pilot project in the region in collaboration with Wageningen University.


Floor Volker, JOGG coordinator Purmerend – 2022

“I have developed webinars with Victoire on feeding education for ages 0-4. Victoire is knowledgeable and responds empathetically to parents, which makes her a pleasure to listen to. Additionally, she is attentive to the needs of her clients and collaborates effectively. A great partner!”

Floor Steenvoorden, lifestyle coach & JOGG coordinator Wageningen – 2022

“I often collaborate with Victoire to organize workshops. Victoire is highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, which inspires and motivates both parents and children. In other words, it’s a very pleasant and enjoyable collaboration!”  

Roos Hollenberg, Food Policy Officer, Municipality of Wageningen – 2022

“We have been working with Victoire from Groente & Meer for a long time. The combination of food lessons and monitoring the warm lunch is an added value for us. We also appreciate Victoire’s personal involvement.”

Ilona, mother of son from grades 6-8 at G.J. van den Brinkschool – 2021

“My son recently received a lesson from Groente en Meer at G.J. van den Brinkschool. He came home completely excited! He found the combination of nutrition and science very fascinating.”

Danielle, teacher of grade 4 at Tuin17 primary school – 2021

“The children learned a lot from the lesson, and Victoire did a great job engaging with them.”