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Victoire de Wild
Dr. Victoire de Wild

Who is Groente & Meer?

As a child I always loved vegetables (also sweets by the way). I owe that to my parents who always love to put fresh dishes with lots of vegetables from the vegetable garden on the table. I have warm memories of my childhood eating together with the whole family that time. Now I cherish the moments when I am together with my family and we all sit together at the table. As a mother of 3 children, I know how nice it is when your child eats healthy with taste.

Human behaviour has always fascinated me: why do people do what they do even though they know it’s not good for them? And can you change this behaviour? That is why, in addition to my studies and job in food technology, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I found the combination of these two scientific approaches so interesting that I decided to do a PhD in Nutrition and Health with the research area of children and eating behaviour. Due to my research into taste preferences and taste development in children, I have further explored into this subject, and I think it’s fantastic I am able to help parents with all my knowledge. In addition to research, I apply science in daily life and I help my environment with the translation of it.


  • Certified VIPP-SD/FI Coach (training Coach Video Intervention Positive Parenting Sensitivity Discipline/Feeding Intervention, Leiden University, 2016)

  • PhD/Doctor in Nutrition and Health (Dr., Wageningen University & Research, 2010 - 2015)

  • Master of Science Food Technology (MSc, Wageningen University, 1985 - 1991)

  • Bachelor of Science Psychologie (BSc, Leiden Universiteit, 2005 - 2009)

  • Volunteer Dutch “De Kindertelefoon”, certified training based on various communication techniques, solution-oriented work, self-reliance of the child (2020-present)

  • Project: https://www.habeat.eu/

  • Project: http://www.babyseerstehapjes.nl/